The Power of a Nudge

Are you setting up members for success? Or is there a fault in your default?


When a new member joins your facility, you haven’t simply sold access to the building full of equipment. You’ve sold the promise of a valuable and memorable experience, a lifestyle change, and hopefully a long-term membership. Without a clear path to success, members are more likely to quit and cancel.


You and your team should be guiding new members to the activity that will connect them to your facility and create a lasting impression. You should be designing and choosing a ‘default’ setting that sets up your members for success.


You have the opportunity to direct new members toward the most successful and lasting path. With some thoughtfulness and intention, your team can design a pathway to ‘nudge’ new members towards the experience that will increase their chance for long term success. Businesses do this all the time in the form of ‘default’ settings. It’s the reason why most of us have the same ringtone on our smartphones. And it’s the reason why most of your new member conversations should be focused on group fitness as the default (most likely to meet the needs of most people, most likely to help them find the fun in fitness) starting point. In the white paper we discuss directing, connecting, and selecting the best path to success and your role as a ‘choice architect’ for your members.

Topics in the White Paper:

• Your responsibility and the power of nudges and default choices
• The power of Group Power as the ‘default’ first step for your members
• New resources from the LET’S MOVE Campaign

Read Time:

5 minutes

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