Group Power® is a one-hour, cutting-edge strength training workout designed to get you muscle strong and movement strong. It combines traditional strength training with full-body, innovative exercises using an adjustable barbell, weight plates, body weight, a step, heart-pounding music, and expert coaching. GET MUSCLE & MOVEMENT STRONG!

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Group Power will enable you to attract an extremely wide audience into group fitness – all ages and all experience levels, men and women alike. Its athletic, highly effective, and authentic strength training method makes it appealing to men, and it’s a fantastic feeder into personal training, since many exercisers may be introduced to a barbell and plates for the first time.

For participants … Most enjoyable way to strength train!

Group Power is a full-body strength training hour that makes you muscle strong and movement strong! Using an adjustable barbell, plates, and your body weight, you’ll experience traditional exercises from the weight room, plus three-dimensional, integrated movement training, for results in real life and real sport. Power is for everyone, and we think it’s the most fun you can have strength training.



Group Power® is a one-hour, cutting-edge strength training workout designed to get you muscle strong and movement strong. It combines traditional strength training with full-body, innovative exercises using an adjustable barbell, weight plates, body weight, a step, heart-pounding music, and expert coaching. GET MUSCLE & MOVEMENT STRONG!


Group Power combines traditional strength exercises and the hottest functional training moves, utilizing a barbell, weight plates, and your body weight to make you fitter and stronger. High-rep training and athletic movements are key components of this results-driven workout. Group Power is developed with a periodized approach to ensure you are constantly changing your workout and challenging your body. Ten tracks are expertly programmed with specific workout objectives:

  1. Warm-Up – We grab the barbell with light weight and introduce many of the exercises you’ll be doing over the next hour, warming the body and practicing the movements.
  2. Legs – Working the big muscles first, we do Squats and sometimes add in Lunges to get the heart rate going and ignite a fire in the legs, creating great shape and definition.
  3. Chest – We strengthen the chest with a variety of exercises, such as the Chest Press, Chest Fly, and Push Ups. You’ll often find new twists on these exercises to maximize your results!
  4. Back & Legs – Full-body exercises like Deadlifts, Deadrows, and the Clean & Press really fire up the back and hamstrings and get the heart rate up! Plus, you’ll learn innovative Power movements like the Power Clean, Deadsquats, Reverse Flys, and the Single-Arm Row.
  5. Triceps – Shape, build, and define the back of the arms with Tricep Presses, Extensions, Pullovers, and Kickbacks. But beware of the Tricep Push Ups – they’ll push you over the top!
  6. Biceps – The best of high-rep weight training, combined with new and unique biceps exercises. Experience the difference with variations on barbell curls, wide grip, offset grip, bicep rows, and even weight plate work.
  7. More Legs –This is functional integrated training at its best. Challenge your legs with Power Lunges, Crouches, lateral movements, balance challenges, offset loading, and even plyometrics! You’ll feel like a pro when you learn these moves!
  8. Shoulders – A ton of exercises to give you great-looking shoulders. Work the front, top, and back of the shoulders with Upright Rows, Shoulder Presses, Lateral Raises, and Rear Delt Extensions. Plus, groundbreaking functional movements will make you feel like an athlete in training!
  9. Core – Concentrate on your core with exercises that train the front, back, and sides of your midsection. There’s always a new way to shake up the routine and ensure your core is strong, solid, and good looking!
  10. Stretch – You’ve earned it. Stretching out the muscles from head to toe helps improve overall range of motion and muscular recovery.

Group Power is for just about everyone. Strength training is essential to staying healthy, and Group Power is ideal for:

  • New exercisers because of the simplicity of the class
  • Men and women of all ages because you get to select how much weight you use
  • Anyone who wants a fun way to add strength training to their workout
  • Athletes looking for a training edge
  • Women because weight-bearing exercise is proven to reduce the incidence of osteoporosis
  • The time-pressed exerciser because one hour two times per week delivers results fast
  • Serious weight trainers that want to challenge their muscles in a different way

Group Power is designed to be done two to three times per week. It is recommended that you not exceed three times in one week. This is not a case of “the more you do, the better.” The body needs time to recover in order to grow stronger. For at least your first month of Group Power, twice a week is sufficient. A schedule allowing for two days of rest between class experiences is ideal.


Remember that your first class only happens once. After attending Group Power three times, you will get into the rhythm of things and will start to feel like a pro. These tips will ensure your success in your first few classes:

  • Wear comfortable workout clothing and comfortable athletic shoes.
  • Bring a towel and a water bottle.
  • Some people prefer to wear weight training gloves, but they are certainly not essential.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before class and introduce yourself to the instructor. The instructor will help you set up your equipment, provide starting weight recommendations, and answer any questions you may have to help put you at ease.
  • It is not essential that you be up front, but stand near the center of the room and where you have a clear view of the instructor.
  • Your instructor will coach you and include exercise options to ensure your success.
  • You should feel comfortable stopping at any point in a track, either to rest or adjust your weight.
  • Speak with the instructor at the end of class to ask questions and to check in about your experience.

It is perfectly normal to feel apprehensive prior to your first Group Power class. Once you get your first class out of the way, much of that apprehension will disappear. Remember, there is safety in numbers. You will be amazed at how many others will be willing to help you.

The objective of your first few classes is to familiarize yourself with the format, the equipment, and the technique of the various exercises. The instructor will probably recommend a starting weight or weights that may seem too light to you at first. Keep in mind that you will be doing high numbers of repetitions, and the lighter weight will help you learn proper technique from the beginning. Allow yourself to be a student; proper technique leads to safer, more effective exercises, and better results. After you get the feel, you can slowly start to increase your weight selections to increase your workout intensity.

Talk to the instructor after class to let him or her know how you felt and if anything felt particularly challenging for you. The instructor will then make recommendations for your next class. Keep in mind that you may be sore for several days afterwards because your body is adjusting to the new demands on your muscles. This is perfectly normal. Have fun during your Group Power experience as you build strength, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment that comes with improved fitness.



Group Power APR24

Group Power APR24

... unconventional core training appears in every song and Usher's Scream gets remixed for Legs & Nelly's Hot In Herre for Biceps.

Group Power JAN24

Group Power JAN24

... Vertical Jumps off the step in Legs, four tricep exercises to The Piña Colada Song & loaded Diagonal Wood Chops in More Legs.

Group Power OCT23

Group Power OCT23

... we train with an inclined step, a cornucopia of combinations, an all-bar Shoulders track with Shrugs, and Decline Curls!

Group Power JUL23

Group Power JUL23

... an offset release theme! Beware of Tricep Overhead Extensions with the bar and Bicep Curls that feel like you're using one arm!

Group Power APR23

Group Power APR23

... tri-set training rules! Get ready for a personal best in Chest, some Shoulder Shrugs, Reverse Bicep Curls, and glute bridges!

Group Power JAN23

Group Power JAN23

... narrow/normal/wide positions in Legs & Biceps, 3 AMRAP sets in Shoulders, & around-the-world lunges for Legs & More Legs. Whew!

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