Group Blast® is 60 minutes of athletic cardio training that uses a step in a wide variety of ways. This highly effective workout will get your heart pounding and sweat pouring as you improve your cardio fitness, agility, coordination, power, and strength with exciting music and motivational coaching. HAVE A BLAST!

For our partners … Re-invent a phenomenon.

Group Blast will appeal to the large, diverse population that is seeking a sports-inspired cardio workout. It’s not step aerobics; it’s an athletic cardio and strength workout that uses a step as a training tool. MOSSA’s Group Blast will appeal to women and men and it’s a great evolution for the many committed steppers of today and yesterday.

For participants … A cardio workout like no other.

Every Group Blast cardio workout delivers on all of your cardio and coordination needs, on, off, and all around an adjustable step. With Blast’s dynamic step exercises, you’ll walk, jog, run, and jump, plus conquer balance drills, lateral drills, and quickness drills to exciting, energetic music. Group Blast is for anyone looking for a sweaty cardio and agility challenge.



Group Blast® is 60 minutes of cardio training that uses The STEP  in highly effective, athletic ways. It will get your heart pounding and sweat pouring as you improve your fitness, agility, coordination, and strength with exciting music and group energy. HAVE A BLAST!


Group Blast is a one-hour, results-driven cardio workout that uses a step as its primary training tool. With cardio exercises for beginners and athletes alike, Group Blast is truly a workout for everyone. Simple, athletic movements and an adjustable step height enable you to determine the intensity that is just right for you. This cardio workout is inspired by functional integrated exercises, circuit training, and sports drills to make you feel like an athlete in training. And the best part is you will HAVE A BLAST because all of the step exercises are set to motivating, energetic music. Every Group Blast workout has 10 tracks, and each track has a specific training objective. Here is a breakdown of what you will experience:

  1. Warm-Up – Get the cardio workout started right with a full-body warm-up that gives you a chance to learn and practice movements that will be used later in the hour.
  2. Skills – This is more than just skills practice – it’s real skills training. The music speeds up, the heart rate increases, and you really start to burn some calories with these intense step exercises!
  3. Cardio Push – This workout phase will push your cardiovascular fitness as you have a chance to lift off The STEP and “get some air!” The movements are intense but simple so that everyone can push themselves at the right level.
  4. Strength – Strengthen, tone, and define the legs, glutes, and core with functional integrated exercises. This part of the step workout is the best of both worlds – strength and cardio!
  5. Cardio Surge – Climb toward the first cardio peak as you move over and around The STEP. Lateral movements improve your overall fitness and everyday performance. Cardio Surge is more challenging than Cardio Push, but the interval-style training ensures that everyone has a chance to catch their breath.
  6. Agility – This track takes you to the top of the first cardio peak. The STEP becomes a target for training speed, agility, and power with moves like high knees, tire running, and broad jumps – just to name a few!
  7. Integration – Your legs and heart get a chance to recover as the cardio intensity lowers. But you’re still working to train the backside of the body and important motor skills like balance, as you prepare for the final cardio peak that follows.
  8. Cardio Blast – When you get to Cardio Blast, it’s game on! This track features athletic moves strung together in a circuit-style approach. You could be doing plyometric jump training, strength work, or speed drills – all designed to help you reach the final cardio highpoint of the hour. You might almost feel like you’re in boot camp, and you will definitely see the results!
  9. Conditioning – As with any great training experience, cardio is followed by conditioning. You get a minute to recover the heart rate, and then you begin to work on defining the core and toning various parts of the upper body.
  10. Mobility – Recover like an athlete in this final phase of the workout. Stretching to music will improve range of motion, aid in muscular recovery, and prepare you for whatever comes next in your day.

Group Blast is the ideal cardio and strength training for you if:

  1. You want an athletic, energetic, exciting, results-oriented workout.
  2. You are a new exerciser or getting back into fitness and are looking for cardio exercises for beginners. Look for a variety of intensity options, from step height to exercise variations.
  3. You want to add training variety to your workout routine, including speed, agility, strength, power, balance, coordination, and plyometrics.
  4. You are either experienced or brand new to step exercises, because Group Blast is more about the physical workout rather than the mental complexity of many freestyle step classes. We’ve taken out the fancy and injected some athleticism into your workout to deliver fantastic results!

Group Blast is a cardiovascular training program, so you can do it once a week in conjunction with other workouts or most every day as your primary exercise routine. If you are just starting (or restarting) a workout routine, you would not want to do too much too soon, but you can increase the frequency and intensity of your Group Blast workouts as your fitness and recovery ability improve. How you feel is one of the best ways to gauge your body’s recovery needs between workouts.


These tips will help ensure your success and enjoyment in Group Blast:

  1. Wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting sweaty.
  2. Wear comfortable athletic shoes. Training-style shoes are recommended because there is a lot of lateral movement in Group Blast. While running shoes will work, they are designed for moving forward and do not offer as much support for side-to-side movements.
  3. Bring a water bottle and a sweat towel.
  4. Arrive 10-15 minutes before the start time and introduce yourself to the instructor. The instructor will help you select your step height, give you an overview of the program, and answer any questions you may have.
  5. Stand close to the center of the room so you can clearly see the instructor. It is not necessary to be in the front row, and having people in front of you can be helpful visually.
  6. Try to ignore any mirrors in the group fitness room – they can be distracting. The fitness instructor will be doing the workout with you, and they are the best source of visual information.
  7. For the first few times you do Group Blast, just concentrate on how to do the basic movements and learn some of the names of moves. While the arm movements each have an athletic purpose, they are all completely optional. Foot placement is most important, so focus on how your legs and feet move before thinking about the upper body.
  8. Catch up with the instructor at the end of your first Group Blast workout to ask questions and check in with them about your experience.

It is perfectly normal to feel apprehensive prior to your first Group Blast experience. Once you finish your first workout, much of that apprehension will disappear. Remember, there is safety in numbers – you may be surprised at how many people in the room are willing to help you.

In Group Blast, time will fly! You might experience mixed emotions as you try to get the hang of the step exercises – just go with it! As adults, we often have high expectations of ourselves, but we all have to start somewhere. At times, you might feel like the workout is faster than you would like – that is because the training style and terminology may be new to you. So before you make a decision if Group Blast will become your cardio workout of choice, we suggest you try the workout three times because you will become more confident with each and every Group Blast experience!

You should feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement after your first Group Blast workout. Remember to talk to the fitness instructor and let them know how you felt and if anything was particularly challenging for you. This helps the instructor make recommendations for your next workout. Keep in mind that you may be sore in the days following your Group Blast workout – this is a totally normal way of your body adjusting to the new demands on your muscles. Most of all, remember to have fun during your Group Blast experience as you build confidence and improve your overall fitness!


Group Blast APR24

Group Blast APR24

... power-focused finishers that are all 64 counts. Standout songs are Till Ya Legs Hurt for Strength and Rebel Yell for Agility.

Group Blast JAN24

Group Blast JAN24

... Circle Runs and Lateral Bounds abound and the legs weather the strength training storm to the song THUNDER AND LIGHTNING.

Group Blast OCT23

Group Blast OCT23

... the Skills Brick House vs. SexyBack mash-up, X-Run in Agility, and facing off for the finish to the song Fight For Your Right.

Group Blast JUL23

Group Blast JUL23

... a massive Agility combo is built to the mash-up Crowd Go Crazy vs. Runaway Baby and Strength's Ice Ice Baby heats up the legs!

Group Blast APR23

Group Blast APR23

... possibly the best playlist ever, with Cardio Push’s What A Day, Agility’s I Wanna Go Faster, and Cardio Blast’s Everybody Jump!

Group Blast JAN23

Group Blast JAN23

... peak-inducing squats in Agility’s Here Comes The Shock & 3 sets of strength/cardio moves in Cardio Blast with 3 mini finishers!

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