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Improve Your Fitness and Your Movement Health

With the recent launch of MOSSA On Demand, we make our highly respected club programming easily accessible to you at home or wherever you may be, all from the convenience of your device. It’s the easiest way to keep moving.


MOSSA’s history of programming is rooted in its understanding of the market and the challenges most of the population face to engage consistently in some form of fitness. It integrates a successful formula, MOSSA’s proprietary M4 Programming, of highly effective movement with chart-topping, popular sound-designed music, delivered by a motivational, professional team. Each workout is rigorously tested to give invaluable metrics to ensure your enjoyment and success. With MOSSA Workouts, regardless of age or condition, you’ll become a better mover, be more resilient, and feel better in your body. If you are just starting your movement journey or an athlete pushing your performance, we will help you get muscle and movement strong, so you can move younger, longer!


Movement as a foundation for exercise, as a platform for a company, may seem simplistic. But you would be hard pressed to find an individual, regardless of whether they are sedentary, fit or athletic, that doesn’t battle with limited range of motion, or pain in their back, hips, legs. Like drinking enough water each day, movement, MOSSA’s programming that improves your Movement Health, can be the opportunity to change the way you feel and live.


MOSSA music, popular chart-topping hits from every decade, is unique in that it is customized and engineered for each workout. An exclusive arrangement with the industry’s top music producer ensures the highest quality, emotive, and heart pounding playlists will inspire you to move!


We are a diverse mix of fitness professionals, exercise physiology nerds, life-long athletes, weekend warriors, and avid group fitness participants, each with a unique movement story. Because of this, it’s important to us to motivate rather than intimidate, encourage rather than discourage, and to make you feel connected. No hype, just authentic, caring coaching. Plus, the group environment, either live or On Demand, creates an unsurpassed motivational push that will move you!


If you want to understand how serious we are about our programs, just look at the metrics. Over 300 hours are poured into each and every release to ensure safety, effectiveness, and enjoyment. In collaboration with clubs and their instructors we run a minimum of 150 field test workouts before its worldwide release, all designed to move you.


Cathy Spencer-Browning

VP of Programming and Training
MOSSA believes that effective programming should be holistic in approach. We program to be both muscle and movement strong, to be powerful and movement healthy, to improve athletic performance and improve our ability to actively age, and to upgrade the performance of the body while upgrading the performance of the brain!

14 Day Trial

With a free trial, you can access all of the MOSSA streaming home workouts on demand – on your TV, computer, or mobile device. Stream workouts anytime, anywhere.

* After the 14-day free trial, the MOSSA MOVE subscription is only $9.99 per month.


Jennifer Vaughan

Jennifer Vaughan

“MOSSA has enabled me to maintain my workout routine in a flexible and safe way that are necessary for my mental and physical well-being. ”
Penny Lisowski

Penny Lisowski

“I do MOSSA Power three times a week at home. I have osteoporosis and feel good about doing strength training. Thank you MOSSA for making this available for me.”
Andy Siegel

Andy Siegel

“Love it! My golf game has never been better thanks to 3D30.”
Amanda Otto

Amanda Otto

“It’s great to have 10-minute or 30-minute online classes to choose from since I’m usually fitting in my workout in my home office space.”
Matt Keller

Matt Keller

“In the Fire Service, we often lift patients from awkward spaces such as a bed or bathtub. Over my 29-year career, all that off-center lifting left me with chronic back pain. I had resigned myself to a lifetime of pain pills in order to sleep. Then I discovered MOSSA. The strength-based training, as well as the emphasis on flexibility and core, has produced a second chance at life without pain or medication.”
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