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Online Instructor Training

MOSSA is excited to offer online trainings to give instructors a professional, engaging, and convenient experience! Train at your pace and on your time. Let’s Move!

Build your team

Online trainings offer a quick and convenient way to grow your team of instructors. Expand your list of instructors while maintaining high standards of excellence among the team. Online trainings are a great way to support the growth of your programs!

Get the live experience

Instructors taking the online training get to “sit in” on a live training. After three years of development and testing, MOSSA determined that the most effective online training mirrors the live training experience. Instructors who enroll in online training view each module as if they were part of a live training for that program.

Train on your time

Online training gives you the convenience you need to watch courses on your own time. You can complete the training modules on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Finish the training on your own schedule, with as much speed or time as you need.

Online Instructor Training Costs

Group Active, Group Blast, Group Fight & Group Groove

Group Centergy

Group Core

Group Ride + R30

Group Power, 3D30, and MOVE30 are not offered as online trainings.

The training rate includes a Program Release (music, workout video, education, program notes) and video assessment which is a $36 and $50 value respectively. All prices in US dollars (USD).

Cancellation Policy: Your refund request must be emailed to onlinetraining@mossa.net prior to completing 10% of the online training to receive a refund less an administration fee of $50.


What is the online training experience like?

MOSSA online trainings are self-paced learning courses where instructors complete coursework on their own schedule using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The course includes videos, practice teaching homework, and quizzes to check learning.

Which programs are offered through online training?

We currently offer online trainings for Group Active, Group Blast, Group Centergy, Group Core, Group Fight, Group Groove, and Group Ride & R30.

Am I eligible to take online training?

To be eligible for online training, your facility must offer the program in which you are training.

Does my facility qualify for online training?

To qualify for online training, your facility must currently run at least one (1) MOSSA program, including the program for which you wish to enroll in online training.

How long will I have to complete the online training?

Instructors have 30 days to complete each online training course. Video assessments are due 90 day after completion of training.

Do I have to submit an assessment video?
Yes. When online training is complete, instructors are required to pass video assessment just like live MOSSA trainings. For more details, visit the Assessment FAQ section under Instructor Resources.
Will I get continuing education credits (CECs) for online training?

Yes, you can receive CECs for MOSSA Trainings. In order to receive them, you will need to petition your organization (ACE, AFAA, etc.) for CECs/CEUs after successfully completing a Live or Online MOSSA Training. The amount of credits will vary depending on the specific MOSSA program. Please see more information in our CECs FAQ section regarding our Petition Packages and $50 MOSSA Store gift card reimbursement incentive. Click here to request the program petition package from MOSSA: https://fs7.formsite.com/bodytrainingsystems/snmx2co30x/index 

How do I register?
In order to register, instructors must receive approval from their group fitness manager. Additionally, your facility will need to designate a Program Mentor for each online training and have them fill out the form below.
Is online training available for instructors outside of the U.S. and Canada??

Yes. Online Training is available for instructors in some countries through the distributor for their country’s territory. Please contact the distributor in your territory for more information.


On average, the online trainings have approximately 10 hours of content. With the support of their facility and Program Mentor, some instructors have completed online training in just two days; others have taken up to two or three weeks..


Kesha Brouillet

Kesha Brouillet

Global Fitness Center, Group Centergy
“It felt like I was there! Huge thanks to MOSSA and the presenters for facilitating a remote learning environment. This made it much more manageable to learn a new program while life happens all around me. Being able to pause, reflect, take notes, absorb, see others executing and then get opportunities to practice moves/positions myself were all part of this invaluable experience. I love how MOSSA has evolved and I’m 100% a raving fan.”
Sarah Wallace

Sarah Wallace

Shapes Fitness Center, Group Groove
“The online training experience was fantastic. It was nice to be able to go at my own pace and I found the quizzes really helpful in digesting more important content!”
Dorothy Baga

Dorothy Baga

TRUE Ride Studio, Group Power
“The content included in this training was very informative. They definitely know their stuff at MOSSA! They covered topics that I never even thought of, things that seem small but are so essential to a great workout experience. I would definitely recommend this training to other fitness instructors.”

Nicholas Vande Hey,

Nicholas Vande Hey

Ghost Town Fitness Center, Group Fight
“MOSSA’s online training provided a fun and flexible way to become an instructor. They clearly put a lot of effort into their program and their instructor training and it pays off! Getting up and practicing the moves was fun and educational and I feel much better prepared to get in front of a group and teach!”
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