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Affiliate Program

Today, facilities that embrace the importance of staying increasingly more connected with current members, are seeing new opportunities to expand their base.  Staying connected means sourcing the best digital programming to engage and inspire.

Grow Your Revenue

The MOSSA On Demand Affiliate Program enables you to offer digital workouts to your members & potential members and earn additional revenue.

On Demand Digital Streaming Service

MOSSA On Demand enables users to experience MOSSA workouts anytime, anywhere, on any type of device for a low monthly subscription.

More Revenue

For each person that subscribes to MOSSA On Demand from your marketing efforts, you’ll receive a share of the monthly subscription.


MOSSA On Demand offers 10-Minute, 30-Minute, and 60-Minute workouts, giving your members more options to keep connected and keep moving.


As consumers need flexibility in their schedule and life, MOSSA On Demand keeps them connected and moving with the MOSSA programs they know and love.

“The fitness market is crowded and competing for the time and attention of your members. We are focused on not only retaining, but expanding your member base.”

Grow Your Membership

Potential and new members can access the MOSSA workouts you offer in your facility and do them in the comfort and safety of their own homes. As their confidence builds, they will be more ready to participate in your facility’s live professional MOSSA programs.


MOSSA On Demand is a great resource for onboarding new members into group fitness and introducing potential new members to what you offer at your facility.

Affiliate Marketing Resources

Advertise on Website, Social Media & More

Banners, images, video trailer, eBlast, flyers, and Google & Facebook ads will enable you to create awareness and advertise effectively. You’ll receive a unique url that will enable tracking of those that subscribe to MOSSA On Demand through your marketing efforts.

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