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Anywhere, anytime workout and recovery options are a modern-day must. But to keep people motivated and moving, they have to be extraordinary. Inspiring. Innovative. Inclusive. Even better, they should be set to motivating music and led by expert fitness coaches. That’s what we create at MOSSA, and now you can become an Affiliate Partner and offer our full library of professionally designed workouts as your solution to get more people moving.


With our fitness affiliate program, you can offer our full library of professionally designed digital workouts as your solution to get more people moving. We provide group fitness workouts and work-ins to health clubs and YMCAs worldwide, and now through MOSSA On Demand, to corporate partners, healthcare professionals, coaches, bloggers, podcasters, and fitness ambassadors. How can we team up with you?

Health Clubs

Health Clubs & YMCAs:

When your members can’t get to you, keep them moving.

Your members need to stay connected to you, even when weather, travel – whatever! – keeps them away from your facility. MOSSA On Demand delivers hundreds of workout videos so you can engage your members with the programs they love in your facility, easily accessible whenever and wherever.

As an Affiliate Partner, you’ll keep members connected and grow your revenue. If you have considered a more integrated model for your live and digital offerings or have considered expanding your membership tiers to include online workouts, let’s talk!

MOSSA Affiliate Program

Corporate Partners:

A healthier workforce works better.

Companies need to offer employees wellness options, far beyond the breakroom blender. For a low monthly cost, you can offer employees a movement and recovery solution that genuinely contributes to their wellness.

As an Affiliate Partner, you’ll give employees proven (even fun!) options to improve their overall wellness; deliver De-Desk® Your Body, our answer to the unavoidable problem of sitting; and differentiate your benefits package with a comprehensive, at-home exercise library and Movement Health program. If you would like to discuss options for special corporate pricing, employee discounts, or a pay-per-use model for your entire team, let’s talk!

MOSSA Affiliate Program

Medical Professionals:

Prescribe movement as medicine.

As a healthcare provider, you know your patients need to move more and move better to feel and live better. With an overwhelming number of underwhelming online fitness offerings, making a strong recommendation can help your clients avoid soon-to-be outdated fitness fads and overzealous fitness fanatics. Offer MOSSA’s workouts and work-ins to address your patients’ real fitness needs and help them become free-moving and injury-free for life.

As an Affiliate Partner, you’ll be able to ‘prescribe’ MOSSA On Demand to address patients’ wellness with exercise, recovery, and more; establish yourself as a healthcare provider who seeks sustainable, long-term solutions; and earn recurring revenue with every subscription. If you would like to learn more about prescribing movement as medicine, let’s talk!

MOSSA Affiliate Program
MOSSA Affiliate Program

Wellness & Life Coaches:

Recommend workouts and work-ins for mind and body.

Clients come to you for a full spectrum of needs – physical, mental, professional, and so much more. We know that one thing – consistent movement and recovery – works for the minds and bodies of anyone looking to live better.

With our fitness affiliate program, you’ll provide clients reliable, professionally developed home workout programs to help them reach their exercise and recovery goals; offer a pathway to flexible and diverse fitness solutions for clients to cope with everyday stresses; and earn recurring revenue with every subscription. If you are ready to take the first step to a more well-rounded, wellness focused client base, let’s talk!

MOSSA Affiliate Program

Podcasters & Bloggers:

Deliver solutions as broad as your audience.

People are listening to you and trusting your recommendations. And while you can’t possibly know every one of your audience members, you do know this: they all need to move for life, and MOSSA On Demand workouts appeal to every demographic.

As an Affiliate Partner, you’ll be aligning with a company that shares your desire to promote long-term wellness solutions for your broad audience. We’re both in the business of creating a community feel, despite unknown distances between our people. If you’re ready to explore opportunities for providing a unique fitness solution to your listeners and readers, all with revenue sharing opportunities for you, let’s talk!

MOSSA Affiliate Program
MOSSA Affiliate Program

Fitness Ambassadors:

Recommend what works…and what people will enjoy.

People look to you to start moving, or to find inspiration to try something new. Cardio, strength, dance, mind-body, HIIT…with the MOSSA On Demand fitness affiliate program, you’ll never let your people down, because we have something for everyone.

As an Affiliate Partner, you’ll deliver solutions fit for anyone, accessible anytime and anywhere; offer your insight and experience with reviews and tips; leverage our platform for fitness challenges, engagement and encouragement; and earn recurring revenue with every subscription. If you’d like to explore opportunities to review MOSSA On Demand’s workout affiliate program, offer a special coupon to your community, discuss sponsored posts, or participate in our revenue share program, let’s talk!

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