Group Groove® is a sizzling cardio experience that will make you sweat with a smile. During this energizing hour of dance fitness, you’ll experience a fusion of club, hip-hop, and Latin dance styles set to the hottest current hits and the best dance songs ever produced! IF YOU CAN MOVE, YOU CAN GROOVE!

For our partners … Deliver fun in fitness.

You’ll tap into a new audience of dance fitness fans and new exercisers with Group Groove, a widely appealing cardio workout that allows you to emphasize the fun in working out. Multiple dance styles magnify the appeal, and newcomers will feel as successful as dance pros! Offer a workout that feels like a dance party any day and makes a perfect happy hour for events!

For participants … Sweat, burn calories, and have fun!

Get to the Group Groove dance floor for a cardio bash that makes the time and sweat fly. You’ll smile and shout your way to a healthier body and an energized soul, moving to a playlist of hip hop, club, and Latin favorites. If you love the idea of getting stronger with a smile, RSVP now for Group Groove’s 60-minute party.



Group Groove® will make you sweat with a smile during this energizing hour of dance fitness. It’s a sizzling cardio experience that is a fusion of club, urban, and Latin dance styles set to the hottest current hits and the best dance songs ever produced! IF YOU CAN MOVE, YOU CAN GROOVE!


Group Groove’s cool approach will have you moving to a variety of dance styles, including Disco, Club, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, Musical Theater, African, Swing, Country, and more! Ten tracks with top-charting songs will get your heart pounding and sweat pouring as you feel the freedom of dance. Each track has been expertly choreographed to be easily followed and with a specific fitness and workout aim:

  1. Warm-Up – We hit the dance floor early with dance-inspired moves designed to help us get our Groove on!
  2. FirstDANCE – Not wanting to peak too early, this track helps us get our “dance face” on. Mostly low-impact dance moves help us continue to warm up and get to work!
  3. PartyDANCE – The Groove party has really started now! Sometimes Latin inspired, sometimes the best of Disco…but no matter what, this one puts a smile on your dial and gets the heart working.
  4. LowDANCE 1 – We work on shaping and toning the legs and glutes with dance styles that drop us low in the legs so we feel the burn…did we say urban, anybody?!
  5. CardioDANCE 1 – As the name implies, this one serves up the work, meaning hearts will be pounding and sweat will be pouring! Could cardio really be this fun???
  6. LowDANCE 2 – The low-down on this track is that we get lower than before. This one is designed to give us a “leg training hangover.” Urban tunes will drive this track.
  7. CardioDANCE 2 – Climb to the second cardio peak with this hot, sweaty, and pounding Groove!
  8. BreakDANCE – Not to be confused with resting…this is the calm before the storm.
  9. Finale – The class finishes on an emotional and physical high with this big dance fusion!
  10. Cool Down – Think slow, cool dance – the one before you go home. We’ll stretch out those dancing muscles to make sure you recover and are ready for your next Groove!

Group Groove is for anyone of any age who wants to have fun…lots of fun, and sweat a ton! Group Groove is ideal for:

  • Anyone looking for a fun way to get a great cardio workout
  • Those who might find “exercise” a bit too serious and just need to smile
  • Anyone who has danced in their bedroom while using a hairbrush as a microphone
  • Anyone who can’t stop tapping their foot or wiggling their hips whenever they hear any song
  • Those who just want to express themselves
  • Anyone who wants to feel young again
  • Anyone who watches Dancing with the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance

Because Group Groove is an all-out cardio-fitness jam, you can do it once a week or Groove every day. How you feel is your best gauge of your body’s recovery needs between workouts. Keep in mind, the more you Groove, the cooler you’ll be!


Just remember that it is only your first time once! These tips will ensure your success and enjoyment:

  • Wear comfortable workout attire. Most people wear sweatpants, cargo pants, or shorts with tanks or t-shirts. Basically anything that makes you feel cool and lets you move.
  • Wear comfortable athletic shoes. We suggest not wearing platform shoes.
  • Bring a water bottle and a towel.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before class and introduce yourself to the instructor. The instructor will answer any questions you may have to help put you at ease.
  • Stand close to the center of the room so you can see the instructor clearly. It is not necessary to be at the front, and having a couple of other participants in front of you can help provide visual information about the movements.
  • Try to ignore any mirrors in the room, as they can be distracting. Just have fun and remember that the instructor is the best source of visual technique information.
  • Speak with the instructor at the end of class to ask questions and to check in about your experience.

It’s perfectly normal to feel apprehensive and nervous before your first Group Groove class. Once you get your first class out of the way, much of the apprehension will disappear. Remember there is safety in numbers. Allow yourself to have fun because, as long as you’re going in the general direction, you’re hip!

During class, time will fly! You might experience mixed emotions. Just go with it. Remind yourself you are new. Adults often have very high expectations of themselves, but you have to start somewhere. It might seem like class is moving a little faster than you would like. That is simply because the terminology and movements may be new to you. With each class, you will become more comfortable and confident.

After class, you’ll probably be disappointed that the class is over. You’ll be amazed that an hour is already gone. You may be surprised the next day that you are sore all over. This is a great sign; it means you got a great workout even while you were smiling and laughing.


Group Groove APR24

Group Groove APR24

... the songs tell you what to do! So, get ready to Fire It Up, Clap Snap, Drop, Drop & Gimme 50, and Everybody Jump!

Group Groove JAN24

Group Groove JAN24

... you work your walk into a drop and shake to the song Edamame and dance with your friends for the Finale song Jump In The Line.

Group Groove OCT23

Group Groove OCT23

... 1976 Disco Inferno meets 2004 Disco Inferno in a MOSSA Mash-Up and the PartyDANCE 2 song Jump brings back a sexy Grapevine!

Group Groove JUL23

Group Groove JUL23

... 2 popular songs are combined for a blazing Finale (Fireball vs. Uptown Funk) & we booty shake 360 degrees to LowDANCE's Im the Ish!

Group Groove APR23

Group Groove APR23

... great versions of familiar songs, like You Should Be Dancing, Conga, and All That She Wants, inspire a fiesta for the body!

Group Groove JAN23

Group Groove JAN23

... the song Whoppa to heat things up, Snoop Dogg’s Drop It Like It’s Hot to cool down, and a squat-filled LowDANCE 1 to work!

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