Our Guideposts for Creating Inclusive, Enjoyable Workouts

MOSSA’s approach to programming is rooted in our belief that most people want to move to a healthier beat. Yet, the majority of the population doesn’t get enough exercise. M4 Programming is our internal guide to developing workouts with the right mix of movement, music, motivation, and metrics, to make exercise enjoyable and accessible to the broadest possible audience.

The Premier Group Fitness Programs

MOSSA is the most respected developer of professional, high quality group fitness classes in the health club industry today. MOSSA provides branded group exercise classes carefully designed and tested to ensure people enjoy moving and working out like never before. Each program is created to enable facilities to get people moving, pack their rooms, and service 50% of their total visits in group fitness! These professional, industry leading programs are now available on MOSSA On Demand so you can move, anytime, anywhere. Here’s a look at our development “formula,” which we call M4 Programming.


Everyone deserves to inhabit a body that functions well, free of injury and restriction. But not all workouts – very few, really – emphasize exercise benefits beyond aesthetics. That’s what makes us different. At MOSSA, we create workouts that emphasize Movement Health, which is our ability to move well in all facets of our lives, from athletic feats to everyday essential movements. 

Imagine living better, feeling younger, being more physically capable and independent, traveling with ease, building better brain health, fighting disease, and basically having a “can-do” body. MOSSA workouts address the needs of the already-fit, sure. But we’re inclusive to new and renewed exercisers, who want to move with competence and confidence. 

Movement Health

Now, to most people movement health sounds like it has something to do with exercise.

Yes, exercise is important, but what we are talking about is inhabiting a body that moves freely, with ease, and with less restriction. Because when you move well, you think well, you live well, and you feel well!

For MOSSA, it isn’t just important to get people moving, but it is equally important how we get people to move. Each of MOSSA’s unique group fitness programs has different exercise objectives, but they all share a common goal, which is to improve one’s Movement Health.

The Institute of Motion has identified six Fundamental Movement Categories that must be fortified to improve and maintain Movement Health. By doing so, we ensure that we don’t just enjoy the benefits of a body that is getting fitter and stronger, but we enjoy the benefits of a body that moves well, feels great, and is free of “common” aches and pains that many feel.

The Fundamental Movement Categories are strengthened to varying degrees in each of MOSSA’s group workouts and form the basis of MOVE30®, our signature Movement Health program, which is designed to help you gain, regain, and maintain your movement mojo!



Occurs every time we have to reach anything lower than the length of our arms. We want to be able to bend with ease and confidence in order to allow us to sustain a function that is required for many activities of daily living. Most exercise requires bending as do most chores.


Requires the ability to lower our center of gravity by bending through the ankle, knee, and hip. Every time you sit down in a chair or drop to a toilet seat you are squatting. It is crucial to maintain the lower body mobility and strength to be able to do this movement for life – and be able to do it hands free.


Requires the ability to take a stride, in any direction, by removing one foot from the ground. Think of hiking, climbing stairs, or playing tennis. This is how the lunge plays out in real life. Working on the lunging pattern improves hip mobility, balance, coordination, and overall leg strength.


Is one of the easiest forms of movement to help us reach the recommended amount of physical activity to promote or sustain health benefits. It also is the movement category of freedom and independence. Losing the ability to walk, with a healthy gait, for any length of time really has a negative impact on quality of life. Too much sitting wreaks havoc on our ability to walk with a healthy and confident strut!

Ground to Standing

Enhances our ability to transition from various ground postures (supine, side-lying, prone, kneeling, seated) to standing postures. In other words, it prevents us from ever reaching a state where, “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up”.


Is a very efficient motion that the body uses regularly. It comes into play in sport and life! Most joints in the body have at least some ability to rotate and as the saying goes – if you don’t use it (that rotary ability) then you lose it (that rotary ability)! Injuries occur when life demands rotation, but our body isn’t resilient enough to cope with it. Resilience and practice go hand in hand.


Music is the heartbeat of MOSSA’s programs, because we know great sound drives motivation and enjoyment for every participant in every workout.

An exclusive arrangement with the industry’s top music producer, Saifam, with 13 music studios around the world, ensures that the highest quality, emotive music drives each group exercise experience. Playlists include the most popular songs from today, complemented by chart-topping hits from the past five decades, to ensure something for everyone.

Whether it is the heart pounding energy of Group Fight, the driving beats of Group Power, or the emotive musical landscape of Group Centergy, MOSSA music motivates people to move, and move better.


We are a diverse mix of fitness professionals, exercise physiology nerds, life-long athletes, weekend warriors, and avid group fitness participants, each with a unique movement story. And we want to encourage people to move.   

That’s why our coaching aims to motivate rather than intimidate, encourage rather than discourage, and to make people feel connected. But motivation isn’t a one-way street; we believe in the power of together, because a group environment delivers the inspiration we all need to succeed.


MOSSA programming includes an unsurpassed, methodical field testing phase to ensure safety, effectiveness, and enjoyment. In collaboration with licensed clubs and their instructors, every workout undergoes 150 field test workouts with thousands of participants before its worldwide release. Fast forward to after each workout is released, and thousands of club managers and instructors complete comprehensive surveys. These metrics – real-world feedback – ensure MOSSA programs will get and keep more people moving.

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