Finding the Fun in Fitness

Could we get more people moving if we focused on finding the fun in fitness?


Most people wouldn’t use the words ‘fun’ and ‘fitness’ in the same sentence. In fact, the majority of the population may assume these words are mutually exclusive.


To reach more people, we should focus on the fun (or at least the elements of fun) incorporated into the group fitness experience.


The activities you promote at your facility will heavily impact every member’s motivation and adherence. Members need guidance to get started and are far more likely to stay committed to a workout routine that offers an element of enjoyment. While “hardcore hobbies” and extreme workouts are popular among fitness fanatics, they look extremely un-fun to the majority of the population. To appeal to the 80 percent of people who don’t belong to a facility and simply need to get moving, you and your employees must highlight and deliver the enjoyable aspects (the fun) of exercise, while setting realistic expectations.

Topics in the White Paper:

• Finding the Fun in Fitness
• The Fun is in Groups
• Frame the Fun in Group Fitness

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