Selling through Stories

Are your members’ stories and their social stories part of your story?


People are sharing more of their lives on social media –  what they love, where they travel, and how they spend their time. Is your facility and the positive impact you are having and the experience you offer a story members are sharing?


There’s simply no influencer like members who mention you and the healthy lives they enjoy outside of your facility. Your facility is more than the building where they work out; it’s the means by which they move and improve. You are an essential part of their healthy-lifestyle life story. To capitalize on the enthusiastic, trustworthy recommendations of your biggest fans, you need to encourage them to make their story part of their Social Story.


Here are the highlights of the story about selling through stories.

Backstory: Exercisers report being motivated less by weight loss and more by the promise of an active, healthy life.
Meet the Characters: You deliver workouts with real-life benefits and your members are your healthy-living ambassadors.
Conflict: How to reach more people? Ads are expensive and not widely trusted. If your social media is influential “word of mouth,” who should do the talking?
Rising Action: With work comes play! Your members’ hard work at the facility results in real “play,” so they post stories on social media.
Peak: You’ve become an important part of your members’ healthy life stories. Harness the power of their positive posts!
Subplot: Social media Stories have become a popular posting place. Use this free, highly influential exposure!
The End: You encourage Stories among staff and promote the real-life “play hard” posts of your hard-working members. You are the hero, and your members are living healthily ever after.


• Stories 101: Why, Who, What, Where, When
• Stickers: Visuals and Visibility
• New Social Story resources from the WORK HARD | PLAY HARD Campaign

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