Meaningful Messaging

Are you creating meaningful messaging and transformational testimonials?


Your marketing messages are competing with literally thousands of messages that bombard potential customers every day. Forbes estimates that most Americans are exposed to 4,000-10,000 daily ads. Consumers have trained themselves to ignore excess “noise,” so your message needs to stand out by being brief, actionable, and addressing a basic human need.


Businesses tend to frame themselves as the hero of their customer’s story. As in, “We’ll make you fitter.” “We produce results!” “We offer all the classes, all the trainers, all the machines!” But they’re getting it wrong. The most impactful language – the kind that sells memberships and retains customers – positions the customer as their own hero and you as the knowledgeable guide.


Simple, customer-centered marketing messages will catch consumers’ attention. In fact, it’s the only thing that will. Keep their attention, earn their business, and address their “whys” by following the structure of your favorite movies: your customer is the hero who’s battling a villain and you’re a knowledgeable guide, directing the hero to victory with group fitness at your facility. Take a page from Donald Miller’s Building a StoryBrand, a New York Times best-selling reference that will change the way you present your brand to consumers. Learn how to best position and differentiate yourself and your message, as you create noise-canceling, problem-solving marketing language and transformational testimonials.


• Meaningful Messaging & Transformational Testimonials
• What’s Your Why? Campaign
• Collecting “Whys” and Transformational Testimonials

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