Selling Lifestyle Benefits

Does your marketing ‘sell’ the lifestyle benefits of exercise?

The Challenge:

For decades, the fitness industry has focused much of its advertising on the physical benefits of exercising such as losing weight and gaining muscle mass. And for decades, the fitness industry has only been able to recruit 15% of the population as members. In order to reach more people, your marketing message needs to be about more than just muscle.

The Solution:

Lifestyle benefits appeal to a broad market of people who have an inner desire to live more active, enjoyable lives. Lifestyle advertising raises consumer consciousness about what fitness can do for them outside the walls of your facility.


What’s in it for me? Your future members want to know! The SO YOU CAN Campaign utilizes ‘Lifestyle Benefits’ to reach the 85% of people who do not currently belong to a health & fitness facility. Marketing the lifestyle benefits of your group fitness programs will set you apart from the competition, increasing guest traffic and memberships. Drive people into your fitness facility by marketing benefits that go far beyond fitness.

Topics in the White Paper:

• Beyond Features & Benefits
• ADVERTISING: Do This Not That
• Recruiting Lifestyle Members
• HOW TO: Facebook Photo Contest

Read Time:

9 minutes

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