Creating Buzz

How does your facility compete with the competition?

The Challenge:

You can compete on price, or you can compete on service … but you cannot do both. You can offer better services than your competition, or you can offer lower price. However, it is not practical to offer better services at a lower price.

The Solution:

You need to be “High Touch, High Service” by establishing strong relationships with customers through the services you offer. Group fitness is the best service you can offer to build relationships and generate buzz about your facility.


Create buzz about what’s going on at your facility by leveraging the excitement of group fitness. Buzz marketing will help you increase guest traffic and referrals, maximize group fitness participation, sell more memberships, and extend retention rates for existing members.

Topics in the White Paper:

• What is “Buzz Marketing”?
• How to use BUZZ WORDS & Sales-isms!
• Best Practices for advertising & marketing
• Enticing new video trailers & social media post-ables

Read Time:

9 minutes

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