#Hashtag Marketing

Are you maximizing your social media marketing with hashtags?

The Challenge:

With hundreds and thousands of companies fighting for the time and attention of your members, how do you keep members engaged with your facility on social media?

The Solution:

Social media is now the number one activity on the internet, with 73% of online adults now using a social networking site of some kind and over a billion users on Facebook. Hashtags connect different posts to the same topic and should be used as part of your social advertising strategy.


Developing a mindful social media strategy around your group fitness programs will keep members engaged and promote your business to their friends and family. Hashtags are a free and easy-to-use marketing strategy that connect online conversations about your business. The #WHYiMOVE Campaign provides key resources for leveraging social media to increase referrals, improve guest traffic, and increase participation.

Topics in the White Paper:

• What is a Hashtag?
• How to use Hashtags?
• #WHYiMOVE Campaign Resources
• Tips for Developing Your Brand Hashtag

Read Time:

8 minutes

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