Emotive Marketing

Is your marketing message informational or inspirational?

The Challenge:

Consumers are attracted to brands that express their own personalities and emotive characteristics they desire.

The Solution:

Market the emotional benefits of your group fitness programs.


Emotive marketing is the key marketing strategy to unlock the potential of your group fitness department. If you want to become more successful, the critical step is moving beyond feature-based advertisements. Marketing the emotional benefits of the experience at your facility will help you increase participation in group fitness, service members more efficiently (and less costly), and become more profitable. The GIVES ME Campaign is a readymade solution with emotive marketing resources to engage members at your facility and attract new prospects from your community.

Topics in the White Paper:

• Branding: Features vs. Benefits
• Brand Personalities for the MOSSA Programs
• Emotive Marketing vs. Feature Marketing
• GIVES ME Campaign Resources

Read Time:

7 minutes

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