Real $$ Value Group Fitness Department

Do you know the real ROI for your group fitness department?

The Challenge:

Many operators categorize group fitness as an expense only, since it does not create direct revenue for the facility. While participation certainly affects member retention, most owners find it difficult to know the true return on investment (ROI) for their group fitness department.

The Solution:

Because group fitness members are paying a monthly membership fee to belong to the facility, the revenue generated by group fitness members should be attributed to the group fitness department. Understanding some key metrics of participation can help your facility calculate and track the ROI for your group fitness department.


Measuring your return on investment (ROI) for group fitness is crucial for understanding the impact and future potential of this valuable department. Many operators and managers find it difficult to quantify the ROI for group fitness because it is not a direct fee-based service. Understanding how your facility services members and the monthly revenue generated by those members will help you calculate the real value of your group fitness department.

Topics in the White Paper:

• Calculating the ROI for Group Fitness
• Determining Annual Cost of Group Fitness
• Calculating Group Fitness Participation %
• Example ROI Calculation

Read Time:

6 minutes

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