A Revolution of Movement Health

What if the future of fitness was actually more about movement?

The Challenge:

There is a growing need for the services of health and fitness facilities due, in very large part, to one major issue: human beings are moving less and sitting more.

The Solution:

People need to move more, and they need to move better. In order to target the marketing for movement, fitness facilities need to be able to provide group programming that is less exercise for the sake of fitness and more movement for the sake of health.


The concept of “movement health” is revolutionizing the fitness industry because it focuses on exercises that promote overall health. Fitness facilities have the opportunity to reach the majority of people who do not currently have memberships by marketing movement health programs. Join our movement revolution to service a large, untapped portion of your local market by helping people recondition their bodies and prevent chronic pain. The MOVE MORE / MOVE BETTER Campaign will help you boost group fitness participation, generate referrals, and increase your bottom line.

Topics in the White Paper:

• Learn what “movement health” is and how it can grow your business
• Movement health education resources for your staff and members
• New member onboarding strategies for your sales/membership team
• Postable images and videos for Facebook, Instagram, and more

Read Time:

6 minutes

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