Why Music Moves You

Need to Turn Up the Volume on Your Marketing? Sell the Music.


Music drives emotion, creates excitement, and can have a massive impact on any shared experience – from a sporting event to a group fitness workout. The physical benefits and the psychological benefits of music and exercise should be part of your sales conversation when discussing your group fitness workouts.

Learn more about MOSSA Music, our philosophy and process for building the world’s best exercise music, and review strategies for preparing your team to use the research as talking-points to sell members into group fitness. We also overview the marketing resources from the HEAR IT TO BELIEVE IT Campaign — complete with the new Email Banners, Social Story Images, and Testimonial Squares.


  • The M of MOSSA’s M4 Programming: Music
  • Designing music that motivates movement
  • Simple sales strategies to sell the music
  • New Resources from the HEAR IT TO BELIEVE IT Campaign


33 minutes

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Jeffrey Pinkerton
VP of Business Development

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