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Is it time to refocus on the basics?


The new year is the perfect time to reorganize, and refocus. It is a great time to revisit the basic “Keys to Success” for running the MOSSA system. These are the things that we discuss with every new customer as they prepare to train their team and launch their first program, but when was the last time you revisited the basics? Watch the webcast to learn more.


  • The Six “Keys to Success” for Running the MOSSA System
  • Understanding the Value of the Service You Are Selling
  • Identifying the Core Values of the Experience Members Want
  • New Resources from the LET’S MOVE Campaign

Learn more about the things that need to be done well and done daily to increase participation and drive membership. We also overview the marketing resources from the LET’S MOVE Campaign – complete with the new Video Trailers, Email Banners, Social Story Images, and Testimonial Squares.


34 minutes

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Jeffrey Pinkerton
VP of Business Development

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