Make An Intro, Make a Connection

How do you introduce your members to group fitness?


Group fitness is something you have to feel to believe. It’s not just a workout; it’s a connected, music-driven, accountability-packed, endorphin-pumping, community experience. It’s likely home to your most loyal members, who deeply believe in it and, most importantly, feel the need to return again and again. But new people don’t believe that…yet. So how do you get new members, prospects, and even machine members to feel it? You’ll need to deliver a hands-on try, before they buy.

On this webcast, we’ll discuss the importance of delivering an impactful demo, because most adults learn best in a hands-on environment. We’ll (re)introduce to you ready-made, turnkey Program Intros, which you and your entire staff will be able to deliver. We’ll also introduce the inspiring FEEL IT TO BELIEVE IT Campaign and its resources, which boldly promotes the active advantages participants will feel, thanks to consistent time in your MOSSA workouts.


  • The importance of actively (versus passively) introducing group fitness
  • Adult learning styles and tendencies
  • How to deliver an impactful Program Intro
  • How to build a People/Program Intro for Social Stories
  • New FEEL IT TO BELIEVE IT Campaign resources


31 minutes

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Jeffrey Pinkerton
VP of Business Development

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