Building a Winning Team

How do you build a winning team?


You could fill a stadium with all the research, thought leadership, inspiring quotes, and even harsh truths that tell us that employees will make or break our companies. We agree. Not just people, but the right people, are your unique selling point, especially in group fitness.

But here’s the elephant in the (group fitness) room: you can’t expect to simply find and hire instructors. Yes, you read that right. Yet you can scout, recruit, train, mentor, and develop talented instructors.

​​​​​It’s going to be hard work, and on this webcast, we’ll remind you why it’s work worth doing, and how we help you along the way. Because amazing group fitness instructors – the kind that make your members feel connected and successful – will generate raving fans and fill your rooms.


  • How to attract people who believe what you believe.
  • Why “looking for instructors” is not the solution.
  • Building a pipeline of future talent.
  • Recruiting the right people: who, when, and where?
  • New MOVE4HEALTH Campaign resources


44 minutes

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Jeffrey Pinkerton
VP of Business Development

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