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OCT17 R30 trailer img

R30 OCT17

Lots of smiles! Tons of sweat!
Climb in Short Intervals – WOW!
Amazing workout, rocking tunes!
We got WERKED in Power!

JUL17 R30 trailer img

R30 JUL17

30 minutes flew by fast!
3 words: Kung. Fu. Fighting.
Nobody backed down on 30/15 intervals!
Surprise Seated Climb!

APR17 R30 trailer img

R30 APR17

A total sing-a-long cycling party!
So simple, yet so effective.
Rush had my quads on fire!
Phenomenal race component in Surge!

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R30  is a 30-minute inspiring cardio cycling workout.

For our partners … Success for your new member.
R30 is the ideal place to start your new members on their fitness journey – they will enjoy the experience, feel immediately successful, and want to come back for more. It breaks down the barriers to exercise, with a workable class length, achievable pace, and encouraging coaching style. R30 will also become a strong feeder into Group Ride as male and female participants grow fitter and more confident.

For participants ... Easy as riding a bike.
R30 is your 30-minute cardio workout. Music will make the time fly, and you will feel great working up a sweat! You can make the most out of R30, no matter if you are just starting an exercise program or have been racing bikes for years. It’s only 30 minutes and the format is easy to follow. Since the bike is completely adjustable, you are in control. It’s also perfect for those that are short on time and men and women of all ages. More info

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