MOVE30® will improve your Movement Health in only 30 minutes. By practicing a wide variety of specific exercises, you will move with more ease, less restriction, and increased confidence in everything you do in life or athletics. Expert coaching, motivating music, and choosing your own pace will help you succeed. MOVE FOR LIFE!

For our partners … Solution for largest demographic.

MOVE30 enables you to reach a new market of people who need to practice movement but may not be ready for intense exercise. It fills the gap between “chair programs” that keep people sitting, and most other exercise that may be too challenging. MOVE30 also builds participants’ “movement confidence” and makes them better prepared for other group fitness programs.

For participants … Feel better and move better.

Are you looking to improve your Movement Health? To move better, with ease and less restriction? To boost your movement confidence and prevent pain and injury? MOVE30 is for you! Maintain your body’s wellness, or reclaim your movement freedom, with our inclusive approach to training for everyday needs, like mobility and stability.

What is Move30?


MOVE30 will have you feeling and moving better in only 30 minutes! Build movement health by mastering the fundamental patterns that encompass everything you do in life. Grow your movement confidence with expert coaching, motivating music, and a supportive group environment that will help you succeed. MOVE FOR LIFE!


ENERGIZE: Get off to a great start by energizing the body with a simple warm-up. These basic movements are designed to “wake up” your entire body and prepare you for the various types of movements you will explore using the ViPR and The STEP. You’ll be surprised at how confident you feel right away!

SKILLS: Now is the time to enhance your movement skills. You will be given various movement patterns to practice at your own pace, in your own way. You will have 40 seconds to work on each movement, followed by 20 seconds of recovery. Your MOVE30 Coach will help you be successful with several different movement challenges like strength, range of motion, endurance, balance, and even coordination. The best part of the Skills phase is that you are able to adapt each challenge to ensure the movements are right for you.

PLAY: Have a little fun with simple challenges that train the brain-body connection. It’s just you against yourself, and everyone is all smiles!

HOMEWORK: Improve your everyday movement health with a quick “homework assignment” that helps you maintain your newfound movement skills.


MOVE30 is the perfect program choice for many different people:

  • Anyone looking to improve overall movement health because MOVE30 is about practicing movements that are essential to everyday life
  • Someone looking to start an exercise routine because MOVE30 is a program designed to build movement confidence
  • Many people who want to exercise but are turned off by some of the “high-intensity” programs out there
  • Experienced exercisers who want to balance out a more rigorous exercise routine with a program that reconditions the body and makes them better movers
  • Anyone concerned about back pain, joint health, or other physical issues because MOVE30 teaches healthy movement habits for life and can help provide relief for these common ailments
  • Adults of all ages who want to “Grow Younger” because MOVE30 is designed to improve movement quality throughout your life

Participating in MOVE30 two or more times per week will help you make noticeable improvements in movement quality and overall health. It’s still valuable if you can only make it one time per week, but your results will be better and more consistent when you attend at least two times per week.


You are only new to MOVE30 the first time you do it. After 3-5 experiences, you will get into the rhythm of the program and know what to expect. Here are some tips to help with your first few experiences:

  • Wear comfortable workout clothes that allow you to move freely in all directions.
  • Wear athletic shoes.
  • Bring a towel and a bottle of water.
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time so the Coach can help you get ready and introduce you to the workout.
  • Pick a small ViPR size for your first workout (probably a purple 4-kg ViPR).
  • Stand where you have a clear view of the Coach, closer to the center of the room (you do not have to be in the front).
  • The Coach will lead you through the workout, demonstrate all of the movements, and offer options so that you can customize the experience for yourself.
  • It is totally normal for the exercises to feel strange or aw is actually the point because MOVE30 is about practicing movements that we might be “out of practice” doing, as well as building movement confidence. This means it is OK to feel “less confident” with some movements.
  • The Coach will encourage you to start by executing a smaller version of each exercise and then build upon them as you feel more comfortable.
  • This is YOUR time to practice some of the fundamental movements of life. Everyone will look a little different while moving, so do not feel like you need to compare yourself to others.
  • You will have ample opportunity to take breaks throughout the 30 minutes.
  • Talk with the Coach after the workout and ask any questions you may have.

It is normal to feel a bit nervous or anxious before experiencing MOVE30 for the first time. Most of those feelings will disappear after your first experience. The Coach is there to answer any of your questions, and other group members are always willing to help. During the program, you might feel awkward or unusual because we are often relearning how to move our bodies in effective ways. This is actually a good thing – it means your body is developing new neural patterns that will help you move better throughout life. The movements will feel more natural every single time you return to MOVE30. Let your body learn how to move with greater efficiency and integrity.

At the completion of MOVE30, you can ask the Coach for help with any of the exercises and ask questions about anything that felt confusing or uncomfortable. You may be a little sore over the next couple of days following your MOVE30 experience. This is normal when we experience new movements, especially better quality of movement. This kind of muscle soreness is a positive sign that you are working important muscles that might not have been working as effectively as they should be, and it is one of the key benefits of MOVE30. You can aid in the recovery process by doing your homework stretch, varying your posture throughout the day, avoiding too much sitting, and walking more often.

We are excited for you to try this effective movement health program. We promise to have you moving better, with more ease and confidence, in no time!




... we reinforce upper-body rotation in a split stance, learn how to land on one leg, & react to sounds to switch hand/footprints.



... we lift the ViPR in a split-stance position, decelerate in the frontal plane by lowering from The STEP, and learn a ViPR flow.



... we get up from a 90/90 position on the floor so we can get up in life! We also work on stability & mobility for the side hip.



... we halo the ViPR around the body to work on rotation and drop the hips low to get into a resting squat on a declined ramp.



... we catch something while twisting as it “falls” from overhead and get wonky in a shuffle pattern with our less-dominant leg.



... we upskill our sit-to-stand savvy with a twist, learn to bend sideways, and react to whistles when it’s time to play.

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