Group Fight® is a gripping hour that builds cardio fitness, total-body strength, and coordination. Combine the hottest, adrenaline-fueled MMA movements from the boxing ring to the fighting cage with cutting-edge exercises from outside the octagon. Thrilling music and motivational coaching will get you fighting fit. FIGHT FOR IT!

For our partners … Appeal to younger members.

With Group Fight, you’ll offer super-fun, athletic cardio, and total body strength options to suit every demographic. This equipment-free workout delivers the latest MMA-inspired moves, set to high-energy music and fantastic sound effects. Its aggressive-yet-approachable feel invites new and experienced exercisers looking to sweat and de-stress all at once!

For participants … Feel like a superhero!

Group Fight is a challenging, athletic, and motivating thrill ride that will strengthen your entire body and prepare you for any of life’s battles. MMA-inspired cardio training will have you kicking, punching, jabbing, jumping, and sweating your way to your healthier, happier, and ready-for-anything self.



Group Fight® is a gripping hour that burns a ton of calories and builds total body strength. Tap into the hottest mixed martial arts movements done at a rapid-fire pace to smash your cardio fitness! From the boxing ring to the fighting cage, Group Fight combines cutting-edge moves with thrilling music. This electric experience is addictive! FIGHT FOR IT!


Group Fight is an explosive cardio workout fueled by MMA moves from inside and outside the octagon. You are your own opponent in this high-energy experience that borrows training styles from mixed martial arts, kickboxing, Muay Thai, karate, functional athletic training, and more! The hour is divided into ten parts, each with its own objective:

  1. Warm-Up – Steadily warm your body with simple upper-body boxing moves and basic footwork. Consider this a rehearsal for the workout ahead!
  2. Box – Get straight into the workout with upper-body boxing moves. Jabs, hooks, and crosses coupled with authentic footwork keep you on your toes.
  3. Muay Thai – Lower-body work is introduced with movements borrowed from the exciting Muay Thai discipline. Think sharp elbow and knee strikes, all with power and gusto!
  4. Kicks – Consider this a working and rehearsal track combined – concentrating on your kick technique is a great way to define and strengthen your lower body.
  5. Mixed Martial Arts – Anything goes! Upper-body and lower-body strikes are combined in exciting and intense combinations, all to take your cardio fitness to a whole new level.
  6. Super Box – Take the Box track and supersize it! Harder, faster, and more intense. Did we say harder and faster?!
  7. Mixed Martial Arts – This second round of Mixed Martial Arts is not all-out like the first. You have a chance to catch your breathe as you prepare for the next working round. Here we train additional elements like balance and kick finesse.
  8. Muay Thai – Empty your tank as you hit the final cardio peak by using the best strikes Muay Thai has to offer!
  9. Conditioning – It can be core conditioning, leg conditioning, upper body conditioning, or a combination of each. You will get results!
  10. Cool Down – Stretch and recover with basic flexibility training, with the addition of kata sequences from various martial arts disciplines.

Group Fight is for anyone wanting a challenging, athletic, and motivating workout in a realistic time frame. Group Fight would be ideal for:

  • New exercisers, because the class is a blast and you have the ability to adjust the level of the class to suit yourself
  • Anyone wanting to add variety to his or her training and improve timing, precision, and focus
  • Women that want great shoulder and arm definition while punching and kicking the stress out of their lives
  • Men that want to get a great cardiovascular workout while getting as far away from “aerobics” as possible

Group Fight is a cardiovascular training class, so you can do it once a week in conjunction with other workouts or you can do it most every day as your primary exercise routine. A beginner to exercise would not want to do too much too soon, but as fitness levels and the ability to recover improve, workout volume and intensity can increase. How you feel is the best gauge of your body’s recovery needs between workouts.


These tips will ensure your success and enjoyment:

  • Wear comfortable workout attire in which you can get sweaty. Most people wear shorts and a t-shirt or athletic wear. A loose pant is recommended due to the kicking nature of the class.
  • Wear comfortable athletic shoes. Training-style shoes are recommended because there is a lot of lateral movement in Group Fight. While running shoes will work, they are designed for moving forward and do not offer much lateral support.
  • Bring a water bottle and a towel.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before class and introduce yourself to the instructor. The instructor will answer any questions you may have to help put you at ease.
  • Stand close to the center of the room so you can see the instructor clearly. It is not necessary to be at the front, and having a couple of other participants in front of you can help provide visual movement information.
  • Catch up with the instructor at the end of class to ask questions and to check in about your experience.

It is perfectly normal to feel apprehensive prior to your first Group Fight class. Once you get your first class out of the way, much of that apprehension will disappear. Remember, there is safety in numbers. You will be amazed at how many others will be willing to help you.

During class, time will fly! You might experience mixed emotions. Just go with it. Remind yourself you are new. Adults often have very high expectations of themselves, but you have to start somewhere. It might seem like class is moving a little faster than you would like. That is simply because the terminology and movements may be new to you. With each class, you will become more comfortable and confident.

After class you will be excited to get your first class under your belt. Keep in mind that you may be sore for several days afterwards because your body is adjusting to the new demands on your muscles. This is perfectly normal. Just have fun during your Group Fight experience as you build fitness, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment!


Group Fight JUL24

Group Fight JUL24

... 2,342 punches, a plethora of training rounds, and the uber popular Box song DJ Turn It Up.

Group Fight APR24

Group Fight APR24

... a lower-body conditioning focus, 2.5 minute Plank work in Conditioning, and amazing versions of Beat It and Danger Zone.

Group Fight JAN24

Group Fight JAN24

... extra outside-the-octagon training, the Pivot Step Punch in Box & front-back, slow-quick Hops to the Super Box song Tarantino.

Group Fight OCT23

Group Fight OCT23

... AMRAPs! And songs like a Richard Marx mash-up with Should’ve Known Better, Billie Eilish, Can’t Stop Rockin’, and Ice Ice Baby!

Group Fight JUL23

Group Fight JUL23

... Crescent Kicks, training drills in Super Box, boot camp peaks, and pinning your opponent down with a knee in Muay Thai 2.

Group Fight APR23

Group Fight APR23

... we learn to layer accuracy, then speed, then power! Add in Hair Grabs, Oblique Kicks, and Slips and you have a full-on fight!

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