Powerful Advertising

Is your website designed to drive traffic and channel members into group fitness?

The Challenge:

It can be tempting to feature everything you offer at your facility on your website. However, too much information can overwhelm visitors, leaving them with no actionable next step.

The Solution:

Single-program marketing is the critical strategy for creating high-impact ads and providing a clear call to action. We recommend creating dedicated program pages on your website for each MOSSA program you offer and our marketing library contains everything you need.


Health and fitness facilities invest a lot of money in advertising, so they need to know what kind of ads get people in their front doors. Learn how single-program marketing can increase the return on every dollar you invest in advertising. Find out how to use all the new resources for the LOGO Campaign to increase group fitness participation, boost membership sales, and get more people moving at your facility.

Topics in the White Paper:

• Advertising “rules of the road” for fitness facilities
• How to implement a single-program marketing strategy
• Ready-made resource toolkits to improve your website
• Social media shortcuts to increase your online presence

Read Time:

6 minutes

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