Member Onboarding Strategies

Do you have a plan for onboarding new members in the New Year?

The Challenge:

An uninspiring experience at your facility could cause members to lose momentum, give up on their health and fitness goals, and possibly even blame your facility for their failure.

The Solution:

Creating a structured but nimble plan for onboarding new members will help your facility deliver a meaningful and impactful member experience.


Helping new members navigate the programs and offerings at your facility is important to their success. Defining a clear path to get them started can increase their likelihood of adopting a regular exercise routine and can create a powerful first impression. If you want to help members succeed, and if you want to grow your business, you need a well-defined member onboarding strategy.

Topics in the White Paper:

• Why Member Onboarding?
• High Touch, High Service
• New Members: Why Group Power?

Read Time:

6 minutes

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