Magic of Exercise Music

What is the key to unlocking the group fitness experience? Music.

The Challenge:

Music is essential to the group fitness experience. Playlists should be designed to appeal to a wide audience and should drive the experience.

The Solution:

For MOSSA programs, much like the soundtrack to a movie, the playlist is an integral part of every group fitness experience. The music, and specifically, movements synchronized with the music, help elevate the member experience. Add in the sound design upgrades of MOSSA Music Magic, and your members will love to get lost in the music.


The magical ingredient in group fitness is music. Discover how to harness the power of exercise music to guarantee a better member experience. The #FeelTheBeats Campaign showcases the musicality of each MOSSA program through ready-made marketing resources your team can use right away. With extra emphasis on social media and Millennial-style marketing, the #FeelTheBeats Campaign will help you appeal to a broader market, increase memberships, and keep members longer.

Topics in the White Paper:

• The Science of Exercise Music
• Sound Design Innovations
• HOW TO: Facebook Live

Read Time:

6 minutes

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