Future of Fitness

What is the purpose of exercise — to change how we look or improve the way we feel?

The Challenge:

For too long, the fitness industry has focused on selling the ideas of skinniness, big muscles, and sex appeal. Modern exercisers want more.

The Solution:

There is a rise in popularity of functional movement, the view of exercise as part of holistic health, and the desire to remain active well into old age. The revolutionary science of Loaded Movement Training combines the benefits of strength training with three-dimensional movement patterns that train the body in a multitude of directions.


The future of fitness is health. In order to promote overall health and wellness, fitness facilities must address the missing link: movement training. Discover programming solutions to incorporate the revolutionary science of Loaded Movement Training into your group fitness offerings. Get practical advice about creating a balanced schedule that maximizes use of your group fitness assets.

Topics in the White Paper:

• Movement Training for Health & Wellness
• New Group Fitness Programming
• Tools to Assess Your Program Lineup
• Marketing Materials in Digital & Print

Read Time:

6 minutes

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