Reorganize. Reboot. Relaunch.

What is your plan for relaunching group fitness?


To reenergize your facility and reengage your members, you need a well-organized plan that involves your entire team – instructors, membership, marketing, and management.

On this webcast, we provide resources and tools to help you reorganize your group fitness team, reboot your group fitness schedule, and relaunch workouts to your members. We cover the basic building blocks of a solid schedule, strategies for scaling that schedule as member traffic increases, and what it takes to infuse more energy into your facility!



  • Taking inventory and developing a personnel plan for your group fitness team
  • Operation with a smaller, more committed team (see MotionVibe offer below)
  • Building a simple decision-tree for your current group fitness schedule
  • Leveraging the KPI’s to make strategic decisions in group fitness


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Jeffrey Pinkerton
VP of Business Development

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