Is your team selling the experience?


A prospective member needs to know your value proposition. In exchange for a monthly membership fee, what will you provide in return? With access to a range of options from big-box clubs, to low-price penny-gyms, from single-service boutiques, to on-demand video workouts, consumers’ choices are vast and often overwhelming. To set yourself apart from all of the options, you need to proactively sell the benefits of working out in groups. By selling members into group fitness, you can deliver a better member experience, build a stronger social network, keep members motivated longer, and help them get better results. In other words, selling memberships is not just better in groups, it’s WAY BETTER in groups.


• Creating a path to success for your members
• The “3 Must Haves of Membership”
• Onboarding strategies to become High-Touch, High Service
• New resources to prepare your team for the New Year


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Jeffrey Pinkerton
Business Development Manager, MOSSA
Natalie Witt
Social Media & Content Manager, MOSSA

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