Are you promoting the brain-benefits of exercise?


Attracting new members to your facility takes thoughtful messaging and inspiring marketing. For years, fitness facilities have repeated and recycled a marketing message focused primarily on helping consumers lose weight and get in shape. While these can certainly be outcomes from a dedicated, committed exercise program, the promises of a skinnier waist or bigger biceps are only a small sample of the many physiological benefits of exercise. To engage with prospective members in a smarter way, and to differentiate yourself from the competition, focus on the additional brain-building, mood-boosting, stress-reducing benefits of exercise. By sharing these benefits of exercise, and the benefits unique to group fitness, your facility can build better participation, your marketing team can build a better message, and your members will literally, BUILD A BETTER BRAIN.


• 10 Remarkable Brain-Benefits of Exercise
• Building a Smarter Sales Story
• Understanding the Objection
• New Resources from the BUILD A BETTER BRAIN Campaign


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Terry Browning
President, MOSSA
Jeffrey Pinkerton
Business Development Manager, MOSSA

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