IoM 4Q Training Model

IoM 4Q Training Model Webcast

As the general population becomes more inactive and more sedentary, to reach more people, your personal training team needs innovative training methods that address both fitness and health. For years we have worked with IoM to integrate the 4Q Training Model into our group fitness programs. We’d love to introduce them to your PT team with a special webcast and offer. IoM will introduce their new 4Q Training Model – a systematic approach to exercise program design for both health and fitness. We hope you’ll share this invitation with your management team to learn more and consider including the 4Q Model and the science of Loaded Movement Training into your personal training offerings.


• Understanding the difference between being fit and being healthy
• Leveraging variability as the key to optimizing health and performance
• IoM’s 4Q Training Model
• IoM’s new Program Builder
• Invitation and special offer to IoM’s new specialty program


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Cathy Spencer-Browning
VP of Training and Programming, MOSSA
Michol Dalcourt
Director, Institute of Motion (IoM)
Derrick Price
VP, Institute of Motion (IoM)

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