Sales & Marketing Webcast featuring the FEEL YOUR POWER Campaign


Having a social marketing strategy to engage, inspire and inform your community is an important part of a comprehensive marketing plan. To reach your members and prospective members in a meaningful and impactful way, you need to have a powerful presence on social media. You need to build a great reputation; you need to have great ratings and reviews; and you need to be responsive to your followers and fans. On this webcast, we’ll outline these three “R”s (reputation, ratings & reviews, and responsiveness) and their importance in increasing group fitness participation, improving engagement, and growing your membership.

Topics include:

• The 3 R’s to a Powerful Social Strategy
• New marketing campaign resources and tools
• Harnessing the full power and potential of Group Power


Jeffrey Pinkerton
Business Development Manager, MOSSA
Natalie Witt
Social Media & Content Supervisor, MOSSA

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