Psychological Value

Are you selling the psychological benefits of exercise?

The Challenge:

The fitness industry is ‘known’ for helping people lose weight and get in shape. However, some of the most immediate and most impactful benefits of exercise include reducing stress and anxiety.

The Solution:

In a world where stress is ever present, consumers want something that eases the mental tensions of daily life. Marketing and selling the psychological value of your group fitness programs can help you attract more members and get more people moving!


The psychological benefits of exercise are a valuable marketing tool. Physical activity reduces stress, anxiety, and depression – all major issues in today’s society. Exercise also preserves brain function and helps prevent cognitive decline. The BODY & MIND Campaign is one of the industry’s only targeted marketing campaigns that highlights these mental and emotional benefits.

Topics in the White Paper:

• Healthy Body, Healthy Brain
• Selling Psychological Value
• Old School Marketing
• Videos for Social Media

Read Time:

6 minutes

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