ViPR Move :: Improving Health Through Movement Training

Sedentary lifestyles are a public health crisis, and health and fitness facilities are in a position to not only help people reach their fitness goals, but to improve overall health through getting more people moving. MOSSA is excited to launch ViPR Move, the newest addition to our program lineup designed to improve movement health. ViPR Move reaches an untapped market of potential exercisers by helping them build confidence through movement fundamentals, such as bending, lifting, rotating, ground to standing, and even shifting mass. Learn how ViPR Move can help you service more members by expanding your group fitness offerings to anyone who wants to move with less restriction and discomfort, and work towards moving with more ease and freedom.

Topics include:

• The science of Loaded Movement Training
• Program design and target audience for ViPR Move
• Movement fundamentals to help people extend their ‘active life expectancy’
• Equipment needed for ViPR Move
• Timeline for launching the program in 2018


Cathy Spencer-Browning
VP of Training and Programming, MOSSA
Jeffrey Pinkerton
Business Development Manager, MOSSA

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