Sales & Marketing Webcast featuring the MOVE4HEALTH Campaign

In the fitness industry, it is extremely difficult to offer a product or service that your competition cannot. Almost everything you provide your members – space, equipment, amenities, workouts, and software – can be copied by your competition. One of the only unique selling points (USPs) of any health and fitness facility is its employees. When it comes to making group fitness your USP, an exclusive and diverse instructor team is an essential marketing strategy to ensure you appeal to the broadest audience, maximize participation, sell more memberships, retain members longer, and boost your bottom line. This webcast gives you:

• Professional strategies for building a passionate, committed team
• NEW Instructor Team Inventory to assess your needs
• Recruiting methods and management practices for group fitness
• The new MOVE4HEALTH Campaign with digital and print resources


Terry Browning
President, MOSSA
Cathy Spencer-Browning
VP of Training & Programming, MOSSA
Brad Drummond
Communications Manager, MOSSA

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