Sales & Marketing Webcast featuring the #letsmove Campaign

Millennials are redefining exercise and reshaping the fitness industry. If you want to capture the Millennial market, then you need to understand this largest generation of individuals born 1980-2000. Learn how to use the #letsmove Campaign to appeal to Millennials, including strategies to cultivate social engagement with your fitness facility, create a “group” exercise dynamic, increase membership revenue, and extend retention rates.

• Gain insight about the Millennial generation and how they exercise
• Discover how Millennials use technology to enhance group fitness experiences
• Develop innovative social media strategies using Instagram and new digital resources
• Learn how the #move2great Contest can help you win 3 months FREE license fees!!!

After requesting the webcast below, get additional insight and solutions from this campaign by clicking here to check out the #letsmove white paper and click here to check out the Biggest Mover 2016 white paper.


Terry Browning
President, MOSSA
Jeffrey Pinkerton
Business Development Manager, MOSSA

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