Sales & Marketing System

The Sales & Marketing System provides your team resources to improve marketing effectiveness, to achieve 50% group fitness participation, to drive guest traffic, and to sell more memberships.

Owner … build a better business.

High quality, professional campaigns provide your team with tools to attract new members, connect new members into group fitness, leverage social media, create referral opportunities, and sell more effectively.

General Manager … be a sales machine.

Each campaign is designed to help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace and appeal to a broad audience. Emotive, inspiring campaigns and sales and referrals tools allow you to market and sell more effectively by focusing on the service you provide, not on price.

Group Fitness Director … deliver on the promise.

Program specific campaigns help to increase awareness and create demand. The copy, the image, and the layout create an enticing message for the consumer to stop, take notice, and take action. Tools including free experience cards, video trailers, social media content, and Getting Started Sheets will drive people into the rooms – ready for your team to deliver a great experience!

Marketing Campaigns

Your Professional Ad Agency
We create emotive, exciting campaigns every three months to help you attract new members and grow group fitness participation. Each program is supplied with extensive internal and external marketing resources designed to create awareness through direct mail, email, web, video, social media, and point of purchase marketing. Each quarter, a MOSSA Sales & Marketing webcast is hosted to overview the new campaign and teach your team how to use the tools to channel members into group fitness and sell more memberships.

Sales and Referral Tools

Market the Experience – Sell More Memberships
Our marketing resources and sales tools help you to create excitement and awareness for your facility and in your community, to drive guests through the doors, get those guests into group fitness, and get more people moving! Sales resources, social media images, web and social media video trailers, eBlasts, flyers, free experience cards, direct mailers, posters, banners, and even Facebook ads are all designed to increase referrals and help you sell more memberships!

MOSSA White Papers

Understanding the Strategy and the System
The MOSSA Sales & Marketing System provides resources for your team to improve marketing effectiveness, to achieve 50% group fitness participation, to drive guest traffic, and to sell more memberships. Our white paper library will help you learn best practices, give you new marketing ideas, educate your staff, and help you gain a better understanding of the marketing resources available in each quarterly campaign. White paper topics include: Hashtag Marketing, Calculating ROI for Group Fitness, and Emotive Marketing versus Feature Marketing. Visit the MOSSA White Paper Library

MOSSA Webcasts

Introducing New Resources, New Campaigns, and New Programs
Our Quarterly Sales & Marketing Webcasts introduce the new advertising campaign and highlight the marketing resources for your team – all designed to help your team improve your marketing reach, drive guest traffic, strengthen member retention, and sell memberships. In addition, the Program Development team hosts Program & Training Webcasts to keep our customers current on MOSSA programs, program brand updates, new programs, and best practices to improve your team and increase member participation. Visit the MOSSA Webcasts Library

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