Welcome to the New MOSSA Blog

Jan 11, 2022

Bottom line, we want to motivate more people to move.

Welcome to the New MOSSA Blog

We, at MOSSA, are many things: coaches, creators, exercise science geeks, writers, music fans, and movement groupies. We’re also students of physiology and long term Movement Health. We’re always learning and sharing, and we strive to be a clear and evolved voice within the fitness industry, which can tend to be noisy and confusing at best, but also misleading and intimidating at worst.

Our team creates, tests, distributes, and publishes fitness programs designed to appeal to all ages and all fitness levels, which are taught in fitness facilities worldwide and to MOSSA On Demand subscribers. Hopefully, if you are reading this, our programs have intersected and impacted your life in some way over the course of our 40+ year history working to get more people moving. Whether you’ve just been introduced or if we are long-time fitness friends, we’re glad that you are here.

We’re proud of our history, and super-optimistic about our future, to include more learning, more improving, and more publishing. We’re excited to add a blog to mossa.net, and here are three reasons why:

We Are Educators
At our core, we’re instructors, and we’re big believers in delivering the “why” of what we do (and what we ask you to do). If you understand the purpose behind a workout, a program, a piece of equipment, or even a particular exercise, you’ll be more successful, more bought in, and more likely to try it again. But we hope to educate far beyond the confines of a workout, to talk about broader topics within our industry, as we’ve done in recent articles for Club Insider and Medium.

We Are Innovators
We produce cutting-edge fitness programming that’s based on evolving science, yet is approachable to people of all fitness levels. We don’t latch on to fleeting fitness fads; instead, we work to redirect the long-term trajectory of our industry, from promoting the outdated “exercise for appearance” to an evolved “movement for lifelong health.”

We Are Motivators
Bottom line, we want to motivate more people to move. We know that only 20 percent of the population gets the recommended amount of exercise…and that was pre-COVID, meaning the stats are likely even more grim today. We remove hurdles like “no time” and “no ideas” and leave out all of the “go hard or go home”, then add essentials like driving music (made specifically for exercise!) and energetic, empathetic instructors to make movement accessible and enjoyable to the largest possible population.

Welcome to MOSSA, and our new blog. We’ll use this space to educate and motivate you to move, maybe with us, maybe at home, and hopefully for life. Because that’s our goal: to get more people moving. LET’S MOVE!