MOSSA CORE trains you like an athlete in 30-action packed minutes. A strong core will improve your athletic performance, build a great foundation for all of your daily activities, and give you great-looking, ripped abs! You will train all the muscles from your shoulders to your hips using the latest functional and integrated exercises. Expert coaching by MOSSA’s team and motivating music guide you through your workout to ensure your success. You can start your workout with just a towel and your body weight. As you progress and get stronger, add a weight plate or a dumbbell weighing 5lbs (2.5kg) to 20lbs (10kg), and The STEP®, which increases intensity and adds support in many exercises.


MOSSA supplies health clubs, gyms, and fitness centers the professional, live version of the MOSSA CORE also called Group Core. As you gain confidence and progress in the home workout, please take advantage of a FREE PASS to participate in Group Core at a location near you. Please note this FREE PASS is limited to one per person per year. Click on the FREE PASS button (left button directly below) to obtain the FREE PASS. Select the “LET’S MOVE” button below to find a participating facility near you.

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